We get a lot of questions about building a web site. It’s not a simple process for a business owner. Here are some answers to some common questions.

How much of my marketing budget should I use for my website?2024-04-05T09:54:42-05:00

A small business typically budgets 3-6% of gross sales into marketing. Of that total, you have to do what makes sense for your business. A website is a 24-hour marketing tool that can be very effective if a proper effort is put in. Therefore, it is recommended that a large part of the overall marketing budget go to website maintenance, SEO, and Pay-per-click. This will help drive traffic and leads. Having your website in order should be priority #1 as many other marketing efforts drive people back to your website where they research the business further. Aside from the website, a secondary focus on traditional advertising that is proven effective for your niche is recommended.

How much does it cost for a website for a small business?2024-04-05T09:52:28-05:00

We take the approach of creating web strategies based on a business’s budget. You tell us what makes sense for your business and we’ll deliver the best results within that budget. On the other hand, if you ask us what you should spend, the sky is the limit. To be transparent, most of our projects range between $3-7K. The lower end is for smaller starter websites and the upper end gets you a professional site 10-15 pages.

Do you guarantee SEO results?2024-04-05T09:53:54-05:00

No webshop can guarantee SEO results, period.

NEVER trust a company that promises top search rankings or claims to have special “insider deals” with the major search engines. Search Engines care about giving their users the absolute best search results for the keyword they are searching for. That way users keep coming back (and click on search engine ads). Anyone who claims to be able to guarantee rankings is not being honest with you.

Our philosophy is to take the most current white hat SEO techniques, apply them to your website, and let Google determine where you stack up. From there, we analyze and suggest ways to continually raise rankings based on actual data. An ongoing effort is what wins the race with SEO.

Here is a great article from Google about choosing the right company for SEO.

Will I own my website materials?2024-04-05T09:52:43-05:00

Yes. Our contract specifically states that you own all development materials. Your domain and website files will be released to you at no charge should you ever decide to switch providers.

What is a domain name?2024-04-05T09:54:08-05:00

A domain name is an address where Internet users go to access your website. For example “www.google.com”. A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of numbers. For example “”.  However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers so a domain name is associated with each IP number to make it easier for humans to remember. The domain google.com is associated with the IP number

What is web hosting?2019-09-11T16:20:04-05:00

web host is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for a website to be viewed on the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

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