Rob Batzler - Norwalk Web Designer

Rob Batzler – Founder

RB Web Development is a locally owned web design agency in Norwalk, IA. Rob Batzler, owner, established the business in 2008 after working in web design for over 8 years.

Rob graduated college in 2000 at the dawn of the web era. He started when animated .gifs and Netscape Navigator were popular. Gaining experience working for Captain Jack Communications and Competitive Edge in Des Moines, Rob honed his skills before venturing out on his own.

The goal has always been to help the small local guys. Professional results that fit their budget.

RB Web Development fits between the low-budget do-it-yourselfer and $15,000+ projects that big agencies charge. Rob’s approach is to help decide what makes sense financially to a business, then work to deliver the best professional results with that budget.

Rob continually works to further his education and hone his business skills leading to where the business is today. Employing local independent contractors and several full-time VAs, RB Web Development has grown to help hundreds of small local business owners in the Des Moines area.


Deliver professional results for the small local business. Never oversell, and always work to over-deliver. Be an honest local resource for small business owners.


We work with reputable small local businesses. As a conscious digital marketer, we feel it is our responsibility to only promote businesses that are honest, well-organized, and deliver exceptional service. As such, we vet each business before taking them on as a client.