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Web Design Services

Service Designed To Generate New Leads

Our focus goes way beyond building websites. We work with business owners to determine how their business works and develop goals based on what we learn. Then, we work to maintain, measure and optimize those goals to squeeze the most ROI for our customer.


Below is a a list of the service we look at when building a proposal.



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Web Site Design and Development

If your web site is older than 3 years, it is likely time for re-design. If you are a new business, it's time to get on the Internet. A Facebook page is not a web site, but a good place to get your feet wet. We'll take it from there.

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Sites built before 2012 are very likely NOT mobile friendly. 80% of web traffic is mobile. We can make sure your are capturing those leads.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a big buzz word in web development. Don't be fooled by anyone that guarantees first page results. We use the latest technique and do things the right way. Then analyze and update. Ongoing effort is the name of the game.


Web Site Marketing

Putting a web site Online is merely half the battle. Integrating the proper sales flow is an essential part that some companies overlook. This is what separates the cheap options (web site only) to the more comprehensive options that actually take your demographic into account and build a site designed to attract them and turn them into leads for your business.

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Inbound Marketing

The strategy of inbound marketing is to attract visitors with awesome content. Using this method we work to get potential customers to return time after time building a relationship with them. It is a big effort, but in the end your business will be top of mind when the time comes they need the service your provide.

social bubblesSocial Media

Social media is a great tool. Almost every business today should have a social media account. It doesn't make sense for everyone, but almost everyone. Posting great content a couple times a week is a great starting point.

rocketPay Per Click Marketing

PPC marketing has come a long way. Google, Bing and Facebook are popular places to use PPC. It's a great way to get in front of your specific demographic during peak season, or ongoing depending on the industry.

directoryOff-Site Directory Management

Off-site directory management has become important since many Online directories have old information related to businesses. Superpages, YP, Dex and others. Keeping this information accurate is a key point of good SEO.

truckNiche Web Site Placement

For some businesses having a listing on a niche web site is a great way to get in front of customers. Sites like Home Advisor, Thumbtack and Angies List have done a great job in building the audience for you. Simply put up a paid listings and get instant results.

bar graphAnalytics & Measuring

Setting goals is the first step. Measure, Improve, Repeat...

up to cloudHosting and Domain

We provide hosting and domain management as needed. Typically we recommend doing this so the small business owner can pass all responsibility in maintaining the web site and focus on building their business.

pencilCMS & Editing Capabilities

Some business owners want to update their own content. If this makes sense for your business we will recommend this feature.

mailboxEmail Lists

Building an email list is essential and a very effective way to get repeat business. While it may not fit into every budget, this will likely be in our initial discussion.


Customer Comments

Thanks to RB Web Development, I have had a great web site since the early days of starting my small business. The prices are affordable and working with them is very easy. It's a no brainer for me, I knew how much return I would get on my investment. Having a web site makes me look professional and has generated several dozens of customers over the years!

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