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Web Design F.A.Q.

We get a lot of questions from small business owners about web sites. Here are the most common questions and the answers.


How much of my marketing budget should go into my web site?

Here are some things to think about when allocating marketing dollars.


We know the web is here to stay, and it's been proven to bring in leads. 70% of web traffic is mobile and those users typically have intent to buy. A web site campaign does a great job at getting in front of people who are actually looking for a specific product or service. It's the most cost effective way today to get in front of a specific demographic.


With traditional marketing (TV, Radio, Mailers and Newspapers) the goal is to push out a message to the masses in an effort to build brand awareness and generate leads. These types of marketing efforts are great for building a company image with public, but not great at actually generating leads. What's missing? Building trust, real reviews and company history. These are important for how buyers make decisions today. The only way to be effective in traditional marketing efforts is to run tons of ad spots to the point of becoming a household name. This gets very expensive, but is effective if budget allows.

How much is a typical web site for a small business?

We take the approach of creating web strategies based on a businesses budget. You tell us what makes sense for your business and we'll deliver the best results within that budget. On the other hand if you ask us what you should spend, the sky is the limit.


To be totally transparent, most of our projects range between 2-6K. Check out the table below to see where your business fits.


DIYer RB Web Large Web Shops
Budget of $1,000 or less Budget of 2-6K Budget of 10K+

For budgets in this range, it typically makes sense to build your own site using online web builder tools.

1 to 5 page web sites

With these online tools you can built a decent looking web site, but will fall short when it comes to traffic generation with SEO and conversions with web marketing.


Web Builders: WIX, SquareSpace and Weebly.

This is our ideal client. We are small and nimble and can deliver a professional project that performs well.

5 to 50 page web sites
small ecommerce web sites


With this type of budget we work to build a solid web site that converts visitors into leads.


Fill out our online form and we'll get in touch with you to get the ball rolling.

This size budget doesn't quite fit in our wheel house. While we have the expertise, we simply don't have the man power to deliver a project of this size in a timely manner.


50+ page web sites
large ecommerce web sites


Take a look at our these larger web shops in Des Moines that we know deliver great results. DWebware, Webspec Design



What will I have to do?

After the ink has dried on the proposal, we work up a list of items we will need from the business owner. The core items on the list include: logo, about us text, services text, FAQ text, images and videos of your business. As we get started on the project we ask the business owner to start gathering these types materials.


What is a domain and hosting?

Domain and Hosting are core elements to having a web site.


The Domain is the text users type in to pull up your web sites. For example "rbwebdev.com".


Hosting is a server on the Internet where your web site files are stored. This allows users to get to the data makes up your web site.


Can you guarantee SEO results?

We cannot, nor can any other web company.


NEVER trust a compnay that promises top search rankings or claims to have special “insider deals” with the major search engines. Search Engines care about giving their users the absolute best search results for the key word they are searching for. That way users keep coming back (and click on search engine ads). Anyone who claims to be able to guarantee rankings is not being honest with you.


Our philosophy is to take the most current white hat SEO techniques and apply them to your web site and let Google determine where you stack up. From there, we analyze and suggest ways to continually raise rankings based on actual data. Ongoing effort is what wins the race with SEO.


Here is a great article from Google about choosing the right company for SEO.


Do I own my domain and web site materials?

Yes. Our contract specifically states that you own all development materials. Your domain and web site files will be released to you at no charge should you ever decided to switch providers.


Customer Comments

We have worked with RB Web Development on a few projects and he has been a great resource and brought great ideas to the projects we were working on. The end results are high quality web projects. I would highly recommend RB Web Development to anyone who needs help with their website projects.

Jeff - Tier 3 Technology